Tuesday, October 19, 2010


1. Skinnies - a must have for every season for me. they don't have to be denim though, just tight :)
2. Over-the-knee boots
3. Over sized tees - another all year long must have
4. Military style short boots
5. Over sized sweaters
6. Lace-up boots
7. Blazers
8. Boyfriend jeans - yet another must have for every season
9. Day dresses
10. Military style jackets

My list definitely has some "right now" trends, but I'm not really a follower of them. I do like to do my own thing but if my own thing includes a few trends here and there, so what! I think a lot of the time people worry too much about either following the current trends or making sure not to follow them. I don't care either way. If it's cute and affordable for me, I'll wear it.

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