Friday, February 4, 2011

What I've done so far!

I keep forgetting to post progress reports about my bedroom. It has pretty much come to a slight halt because I'm too short to paint my ceiling properly :( But have no fear, I now have a longer stick so I don't have to use a ladder. But on another note. I've decided to just go with horizontal stripes, they go better with my style and the decor. Here are a few shots of the past few weeks....
Before this room was a mess!
After I painted it looked 100% better.
And now for the stripes....
Once I got past thinking that everything needs to be perfect, it's actually not very difficult to do. Now, with that being said, these stripes took me 94 minutes to complete! And I still have 4 more sections to tape off. How crazy is that!?
Anyway, I will be using the same color as the other 3 walls for the stripes. 10 stripes in all, 5 dark and 5 light 3 different thicknesses.
Thank you for looking. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions.

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