Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Closet Visit pt.1

While reading through Today You Inspired Me - a must visit blog, I found Closet Visit. Closet Visit is a blog that is pretty much what it says. Jeana Sohn visits, photographs and discusses the wardrobe of stylish women and then blogs about it. It's really great, you should visit if you haven't already. She also has personal and art blogs. Here are some of my favorite pics.
There will definitely be more to come!

all pics owned by jeana sohn


  1. thank you for reblogging.. isn't closet visit great!?
    I also looove the pics in the previous post on sarah.. I've saved those pics as well ;)

  2. @ Johanna - Closet Visit is great. And I love your blog as well. Thank you for your comments.


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